Thursday, January 06, 2005

A Day at the Sea

Practicing "interior monologue."

And so it came to pass, on that bright and sunny day, that we took a basket of food and things (the "we" being the wife, two kids, and myself) and went on down to the beach for lunch.

When we got there, the wife took out some things and sent the boys and I ("the boys" being our son and the family dog, whom I previously forgot to mention came along) down to the strand to play.

Well, anyhow, while we were down there playing, she (my wife) and our daughter (the other aforementioned child) prepared lunch for the lot of us. When it was ready, they called us (myself and the boys), and we all ate together.

After lunch, we all pitched in to clean up and then went to play, as a family unit, in the rolling waves of the sea. Great fun was had, and we all appreciated the day spent together.


Epilogue: The trip home was uneventful.



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